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Water Rights
Coho brings depth and breadth of experience; knowledge of statutes and rules;
and, familiarity with current and developing policies. Chris is a Certified Water
Rights Examiner who has worked in the State’s cost re-imbursement program
since its inception in 2001, for both the State and applicants in public and private

Internal Water Rights Audits: We can provide you with the complete
files on your water rights, an assessment of their validity, strengths and
weaknesses, and recommendations for securing them. Land/business
acquisitions are a good time to conduct audits. We uncovered a water right for
one client that was about to expire, which was then sold for significant gain.

Water Right Changes: Coho can help you reconfigure your water rights,
and determine the most efficient means of processing the applications. This
could be through normal channels, expedited avenues, Water Conservancy
Boards, or the cost re-imbursement program.

Water Spreading: Coho assisted an orchard farmer to grow from 106 to
151 acres on the basis of irrigation efficiency alone through a county Water
Conservancy Board.

New Water Rights: Obtaining a new water right is challenging. However,
we often find a way and have a record to prove it.  This includes new water
rights in closed basins, ASR permits and temporary water rights.

Our clients include municipalities, agriculture, state agencies, and rural
departments. Big or small, simple or complex, or just wondering what options you
have - give us a call or drop us a line. We can work it out with you.
Rain harvesting can be an integral component of water supply.
Yakima Valley – Coho offers water rights experience from Kittitas County to the Lower Valley, and across Washington State.
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