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Coho Water Resources
Integrated Water Resource Management
Puget Sound Tribe
Coho Water Resources is retained by the Natural Resources
Department of the tribal government. Issues under consideration

Basin Hydrology: Develop a hydrogeological conceptual
model of the basin characterizing the hydraulic continuity between
groundwater and surface water, and how groundwater production
might affect important salmon streams. Determine whether there
shoud be concern for saline intrusion from the nearby estuarine

Groundwater Supply: Evaluate the existing groundwater
supply. Determine how to secure existing sources, considering
natural water quality, and restoring well efficiency/capacity through
redevelopment. Identify potential new groundwater sources to
support the economic growth of tribal enterprises.

Reclaimed water: Some wastewater is reclaimed and put to
beneficial use. Recommend how the rest may be used (e.g.,
increasing surface storage capacity, or groundwater recharge). 
Identify measures to be consistent with federal (EPA) and state
(draft WAC 173-219 rule) reclaimed water policies.

Land use development: As the tribe further develops their
economic enterprises, provide guidance for avoiding adverse
impacts on groundwater (e.g. Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas).
Prioritize land parcels for preservation or critical designations.
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