Groundwater Supply
We can help you with your groundwater supply whether it is at the
planning stages or bringing an old system back toward its original
productivity. We have experience in developing groundwater supply in
the sand and gravel aquifers of Puget Sound, the Ellensburg Sandstone
of the Yakima Valley, the basalt aquifer of the Columbia Plateau, and
other diverse settings.

New Wells: We can help you select the appropriate drilling
method based on cost, site constraints, data needs, and the aquifer
formation.  We know the drillers in the region well and work closely
with them through the design and execution phases of a project.

Drilling Methods: We are familiar with many types of drilling
including Cable Tool, Mud Rotary, Dual Rotary, Air Rotary, Reverse
Circulation, Diamond Drilling, Hollow Stem Auger, Push Probe, and
Sonic Drilling.

Well Rehabilitation: We can also help you with wells whose
productivity or efficiency have dropped off significantly.  This may be
due to biological, mechanical and/or chemical causes. 
Redevelopment or rehabilitation can help restore a well's original
yield and reduce electrical bills from having to pump water from
deeper in the well.  We can walk through the steps with you.

Routine checkups on wells can identify potential problems in the making
so that corrections can be made under controlled conditions rather than
an emergency.  Coho can provide you with a simple management plan
that typically involves several measurements a year.  This data can be
used to develop an appropriate rehabilitation schedule, if needed.
Location Depth
Shelton 180 1,000
Ocean Shores 100 500
Deschutes Valley 330 5,000
Tumwater 120 2,200
Tumwater 150 175
Randle 80 500
Ellensburg 900 1,200
Ellensburg 1,100 1,600
Yakima 900 3,000
Examples of wells installed by staff now at Coho Water Resources: typical services include siting, permitting, water rights, engineer’s estimates, bid specifications, construction management, design and testing.
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“Working with Chris is really refreshing.  He brings deep and broad experience to optimizing production well installation and yields.  I appreciate his effective and inusive approach that considers everyone’s interests.”
        Steve Schneider  MGWC, Vice President, Drilling Operations