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Integrated Water Resource Management

Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) is a water resource management tool that opens up a world of opportunity.  If you can’t get a year round or summer water right, don’t despair!  Where winter water is available, which it is in many places, ASR can be used to store that water until it is needed in the summer or a drought year if the appropriate setting is available.

Chris has been actively working in ASR projects since 1998, having been the project manager for the City of Yakima’s program that obtained a permit in 2015, as well as periodically supporting the programs of Cities of Walla Walla and Kennewick.  Chris has also conducted numerous ASR evaluation studies, including for Jefferson County PUD, Spokane County, the city of Bothell, and the Bureau of Reclamation throughout the Yakima Valley.  He has made numerous presentations to elected officials, regulatory agencies (e.g., Ecology and Health) and community groups to explain the processes and benefits of ASR.

Chris was on the technical advisory group that developed the ASR rule, contributed to the National Academy of Sciences report on ASR, and spent 2011-2012 in Australia assisting clients implement Managed Aquifer Recharge in a nascent regulatory environment.

Coho offers you comprehensive ASR services, including planning, technical and permitting. 
"(Chris’s) water balance and water use refinements provide a good basin-scale tool for long-range water allocation and recharge enhancement planning.”
          Doug Wood, Ecology
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